Premio Boom Review

Last Updated – February 27th, 2024

Premio Boom Review - The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Premio Boom Review - The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker


  • Quick and Easy to Setup
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Deep Bass
  • Good Clarity Even at High Volume
  • 360° Stereo Sound
  • Durable and Versatile
  • Easy Connectivity


  • Not the Longest Bluetooth Range
  • Sells Out Quickly

This is one of our most requested products, and we are more than happy to oblige by reviewing it!

Premio Boom Bluetooth speakers are known for their glowing online reviews. Customers worldwide are pleasantly surprised by the excellent battery life, great sound, and exceptional volume offered by Premio Boom smart speakers.

Keep reading for our review and learn why Premio Boom is one of the best Bluetooth speakers available.

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Founded by a group of technology experts, Premio Boom is focused on designing portable Bluetooth speakers that are easy to use and of the highest quality. Upon reviewing the product, we found that the setup process is simple and easy – just how we like it!

The device ships quickly, and it can be set up within a few minutes. The speaker has seamless and instant Bluetooth connectivity and could pair with all the Bluetooth devices we tried. To connect the speaker to your device, you simply have to hold down the pairing button.

We also found that the Bluetooth connection is very strong once paired, without any dropouts or lagging.

Sound Quality

For such a small Bluetooth speaker, Premio Boom has fantastic sound quality. We tested this by playing a variety of songs and different types of music to see how it would fare. And it did not disappoint!

These Bluetooth speakers have:

  • Great Clarity – The sound is crisp and has clear vocals even at maximum volume.
  • Strong, Rich Bass Performance – It has a surprisingly powerful bass for such a compact speaker, and the woofers create a thundering, punchy sound.
  • Surround Sound – Because of the smart design, these speakers have 360° sound. This means music is played in every direction, and it can easily fill up a room.


Besides its excellent sound quality, this portable speaker also has amazing volume.

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is ultra-portable but still has surprising volume, this is the product for you! These little portable speakers not only boast amazing sound quality but can play at surprisingly top volume without losing clarity.

We tested these small speakers indoors, and they were able to maintain their well-balanced sound even at minimum volume. No muffling!

Outdoors, we tested them at max volume. They were able to play loud enough for neighbors to hear, all without losing clarity. This makes Premio Boom ideal for outdoor barbecues and parties.

These speakers also have stereo pairing capabilities, which means that two speakers can connect to each other, even while connected to other devices.

Additionally, we tested Premio Boom on a day out to the beach. In this way, we could determine how the speakers would fare in a wide space with a lot of background noise. This is where the Premio Boom Bluetooth speaker showcases how special it is!

We could still hear the speakers from nearly a hundred meters away, even with the blaring sound of the ocean. When it comes to volume, Premio Boom offers perhaps the best Bluetooth speaker we’ve tried.

Battery Life

While we would have preferred an even longer battery life, we still found Premio Boom’s playtime impressive.

Unlike many other Bluetooth speakers, playing at top volume does not shorten the long battery life of these speakers. We were able to play music for up to eight hours at full blast after a single charge.

Typically, users don’t play their music at full volume, however. This means that you are bound to get even more out of your speaker.

Each of these Bluetooth speakers comes with a rechargeable battery (USB-C Charging) and the battery charges quite fast. It can be charged using a power bank or a wall socket, which makes it even more portable. These speakers are ideal for an outdoor adventure.


Part of why these speakers make such excellent companions when visiting the outdoors is their excellent durability. They are designed to withstand a myriad of weather conditions with cushioning for internal components, great sealing, and premium-quality hard polymers. We tested Premio Boom in many weather conditions, and it held up exceptionally well.

These speakers are:

  • Water Resistant – While they cannot be fully submerged under water, these speakers have an IPX5 waterproof rating. This means they can handle rain, beach days, and poolside parties without any problems!
  • Dust Resistant – All the important internal components are sealed and protected against dust and debris. They are great speakers for dusty outdoorsy adventures or beach days where you can expect a lot of sand.
  • Shockproof – If you’re clumsy and prone to dropping your speakers, Premio Boom is ideal. These speakers are very durable and can withstand being dropped, jostling over rough terrain, knocks, and scrapes.


One of our favorite features of Premio Boom Bluetooth speakers is their connectivity.

Premio Boom speakers are made using the latest BT 5.0 technology, making them the ideal speakers to pair with your Bluetooth device. They can connect quickly and seamlessly with a variety of devices, including your phone and laptop.

These speakers have a Bluetooth range of ten meters. While it is not the longest range we’ve seen in Bluetooth speakers, we were impressed with the great quality even from long distances. Even at ten meters away, the Bluetooth connection did not falter.

If you have music saved on several external audio sources, don’t despair! Premio Boom can also connect to devices using a USB port, AUX port, and SD memory card. This gives you a wide range of possibilities to play your favorite tunes.


After extensive testing, we can confirm that the Premio Boom speaker is an excellent option for those on a budget. These speakers are super affordable without sacrificing any of the features or audio quality you would expect from more expensive speakers.

They can be used for things like a home theater and your favorite streaming services. They are also great for having a pool party with all your friends. The voice control also makes them completely hands-free. This means that you can use them to answer phone calls, activate your Google Assistant, or play your favorite music – all without lifting a finger!

The battery power lasts for a long time and they can connect to many devices at lightning speeds. In our opinion, purchasing a Premio Boom Bluetooth speaker is a no-brainer.


Premio Boom offers higher quality Bluetooth speakers for a lower price. They have a great sound quality and are excellent value for money.