Bye Critter: The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Last Updated – February 27th, 2024


  • Easy Setup
  • Effective Pest Control
  • Great Technology
  • Fantastic Value for Money
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Easy on Human Ears (Little to No Noise)


  • Can Affect some Pets Negatively

Ultrasonic pest repellers work using electromagnetic and ultrasonic wave technology. This drives household pests from your home without the need for traps or chemical pesticides. Ultrasonic pest repellers have become increasingly popular for their effectiveness and their cruelty-free methods.

Some pet collars also include ultrasonic pest repellers for things like ticks and fleas.

One ultrasonic pest repeller we love is Bye Critter! Its cutting-edge technology and impeccable build make it stand out from other home devices. It uses high-frequency sounds to effectively drive away household pests like:

  • Mice
  • Silverfish
  • Birds
  • Rats
  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitoes
  • Other Insects

The only downside is that it may also affect small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, or other domestic rodents.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Bye Critter in our review below!

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Easy and Fast Setup

Founded by a team of experts in the field of pest control and technology, this device is designed to have an easy setup and great performance.

The device itself is surprisingly small. Unlike battery-operated ultrasonic devices, Bye Critter plugs straight into a wall socket or electrical outlet. Its small size means that it can sit flush with the wall and won’t be knocked over easily. After a few seconds, it’s ready to be used!

You won’t need any technical skills or technological knowledge. To start the device, simply press the button. It will immediately start to emit ultrasonic noises to eliminate pests in the area. These sounds are harmless to humans and larger creatures, and serve only to drive away pests – as opposed to killing them like conventional pesticides do.

Rapid Control of Pests

Because we know that not all ultrasonic pest control devices are equally effective, one of the first things we reviewed is how well this product works. And the results were impressive!

For larger pest problems like mice or rats, Bye Critter can offer results in as little as twenty-four hours. If you have a small-scale pest problem, such as ants or roaches, it can repel them within a few hours.

Keep in mind that if you keep small animals as pets, such as guinea pigs or hamsters, they may be affected by ultrasonic devices. While it won’t affect dogs or cats, it may be best to move smaller pets as far away from the device as possible. This will ensure that the waves won’t cause distress.

Powerful Technology

Ultrasonic pest repellers work by emitting certain frequencies. These waves aren’t audible to human ears. But, according to scientific evidence, they can cause discomfort, agitation, and disorientation in pests. This leads to them leaving the area in search of somewhere more hospitable.

Bye Critter also comes with these assurances:

  • It is not dangerous to adults, children, and larger household animals
  • It is environmentally friendly and cruelty-free
  • It covers around 800 square feet
  • It works within two weeks
  • It contains no chemicals
  • It is designed to protect from pests for up to five years

Bye Critter Ultrasonic Pest Repeller FAQs

Are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Safe for Pets?

Yes, especially for larger animals like dogs and cats. However, it can cause distress in smaller domesticated rodents, and it is advised to keep them as far from the devices as possible. This will minimize the risk of unintentionally causing your pet stress.

Are Subsonic Pest Repellers the same as Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices?

Not quite. Ultrasonic waves are of a higher frequency than people can hear, and subsonic waves travel slower than the speed of sound. This can be heard by some animals, such as elephants or giraffes.
However, subsonic pest repellers work in a similar fashion, by using sound waves to agitate pests until they evacuate the area.


We only write reviews about products we know you’ll love. One such product is Bye Critter! In our opinion, purchasing an ultrasonic pest repeller from the Bye Critter manufacturers seems like a no-brainer.

Most companies that specialize in pest control, get rid of pests using harmful poisons. However, Bye Critter won’t cause harm to most household pets or residents and is 100% cruelty-free. It is also noiseless.

These devices have gotten glowing reviews from consumers across the globe, who report their house and garden free of critters within a few weeks.

The business is always helpful and offers great customer service to the users of their product.


This product is a safe and easy way to remove unwanted rodents, insects, and other pests from your home. We can recommend this product to all our customers!