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Our experts go above and beyond to test each product and find the best of the best so that you can shop with confidence, knowing the products you buy carry our seal of approval. Here’s how we rate our products:

Trials & Testing

Experts in the appropriate field review and rate each product. To mirror the genuine, real-world experience of customer, products are put through rigorous tests across a wide variety of use cases. This allows our experts to determine how products perform in a variety of environments.

Assurance of Quality

Each product is submitted to several stress and durability tests to ensure that you will get quality use for many years from each purchase. Our standards are high, and we ensure that products meet the promises made by manufacturers.

Value for Money

We are open and honest about whether we think products are good value for money or not. We are determined to find the best products for the best price tags, to ensure that none of our readers need to pay excessive amounts for products that aren’t worth the price.

Customer Experience

We value the opinions of customers! Our Reviews system is constantly tweaked when we measure the product satisfaction reports of users across the globe. In this way, we ensure that our recommended products also accurately reflect the opinions of ours readers.

Fields of Expertise

Things We Rate

The product landscape is well-known to our talented team of experts. Each expert team member is the proud owner of many years of experience, ensuring you get the most educated opinions and ratings. The main product categories that we review include:

Household Appliances
Electric Appliances
Outdoor Products
Child & Baby
Beauty & Skincare
Health & Wellness
Leisure & Sport
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We pride ourselves on the following and reputation we have built by being ethical, honest, and open. We are proud of our readers-first approach.

Honest Reviews

We offer unbiased, upfront advice and expert opinions on what makes products superior – or not.

Comparing Products

We compare the best products in each category side by side, allowing our readers to contrast and compare in order to make an easy decision.

Compact Buyer’s Guide

Key points are always given upfront, including the product’s pros, cons, and value for money.